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Changing the game in Recruitment

  • Work with mainstream and special needs schools across the UK and Overseas
  • Work as part of a multi agency approach to meet the needs of children with very complex needs
  • Passionate about children with SEND and making a difference
  • Support local authorities with various services
  • Deliver specialist training packages including Understanding Autism, Understanding SEND, TEAM TEACH
  • Recruit for permanent positions that require specialist candidates within SEND including SLT, Speech and language Therapists…
  • Join interview panels with schools to support them with the recruitment of internal roles in both mainstream and SEND Schools
  • EHCP writers
  • Specialist SEND Tutoring service

Hello, I’m Asha Rose,

The leading Recruitment Tycoon in Birmingham.

QSEN Recruitment is the first Education Recruitment Agency to be spear-headed by a qualified Headteacher and SENDCo. With almost 20 years of experience in the education sector, 10 of which in several leadership positions ranging from Executive/Headteacher, Deputy Head, SENDCo, Education Consultant and Ofsted micro and macro Inspections, I have seen it all.

In March 2020 at the start of Covid19, I went from being a SEND consultant across three academies (from one trust) to a full-time SENDCo managing three inclusion departments (SEND, EAL and Hearing Resource Base), 12 members of staff and 700+ students remotely. It was wild. 

Trying to build a team, and conduct EHCP reviews with parents and students that I had never met before had its challengings. Nothing could have prepared us for lockdown. However, in just 18 months, and under some of the most unprecedented conditions I was able to take a well-known Birmingham state school from Requires Improvement in SEND to Good with Outstanding qualities in just 18 months. Remotely!

While I have loved every minute of working within the education sector, I was called to start up QSEN Recruitment Agency, a limited-by-guarantee social enterprise which focuses on special educational needs recruitment, training and consultancy.

We are here to take action against the current retention and recruitment crisis in education according to the recent DfE “Teacher recruitment and Retention in England” paper published in November 2021. We are on a mission to change the game in education recruitment by up-skilling an army of qualified professionals in all things SEND.

By changing the game, we change the outcome of the quality of SEND support in schools. 

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Changing the Color of Education

The Education system in the UK is under threat of leaving BAME students and students with SEND needs without the right “effective” support needed in order for them to strive. There is a significant shortage of BAME staff with the skills and experience in education and SEND to support the growing needs of changes to diversity and special educational needs in education. In the UK, Schools’ across early years, primary and secondary phases have seen an increase in SEND pupil support plans and Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) since the pandemic with figures likely to increase over the next five years.

The Department for Education has set out a new strategy to help attract more teachers/TA’s into education while stopping those in the profession from leaving. It alludes to the fact that for a world-class workforce in education to flourish we must:

  1. a) Get the balance right between holding schools to account and helping them to improve;
  2. b) Make the job manageable again, eradicating unnecessary workload and developing arrangements that support flexible working; and
  3. c) Invest in and embed school cultures that create a sense of value through ongoing professional development.

According to the UCL Institution of Education, research shows that almost half of all schools in England have no BAME teachers/teaching assistants, and even where there is diversity among staff, senior leadership teams are invariably white. As a result, BAME students can go through school without seeing their background represented by their teachers. In addition to under-representation, it is reported that BAME teachers face a “hidden workload” of tackling racial inequalities in schools, which can lead to burnout and high turnovers of BAME retention in education.

Since 2019-20, the UK has since a rise of 7,542 new teaching assistants (TA’s) in schools. However, only 5.1% of this increase account for black Caribbean and black African TA’s. BAME educators and students are significantly underrepresented in the UK’s education sector. When we compare these statistics to special educational needs and disabilities, the figures become even more disturbing.

QSEN Recruitment aims to drive current standards of BAME and SEND support staff and teachers to ‘outstanding’ by implementing our three core values into the recruitment and consultancy process: Intent, Implement and Impact.

Making A Difference


  • To change the quality of SEND support in school while changing the colour of education by representing more BAME candidates.
  • To up-skill and train 200 candidates year on year in specialist teaching and SEND qualifications.


  • To provide schools across the UK with professionally trained SEND candidates.
  • To provide a workforce that reflects our super-diverse society and challenges racial and cultural discrimination. 


  • To raise each school SEND students outcomes in attainment, achievement and progress by 2-3 sub-levels each year with QSENs staffing support. 
  • To increase the number of BAME candidates working in UK schools by 2.1% year on year.

It’s not business, it’s Personal

Building a partnership with our service users is fundamental to the mission and the ethos of QSEN Recruitment. We do this by striving to develop a strong personal, cohesive, and collaborative relationship with our school leaders, staff and the wider school community

Keep calm, and stick the kettle on. QSEN has you covered.

QSEN Recruitment is changing the game in the way YOU, the decision makers recruit support and teaching staff to work with children and young people with Special Educational needs.


Instead of sending you a number of random CVs, we ask you to provide us with a copy of the child’s Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) and or Special Educational Needs Support Plan.

As trained Senior Leaders in Education and SENDCo’s our team is highly skilled and trained to extract key information from either document and establish what the primary and secondary learning needs of the child are. 

Our experts will even go that extra mile and make key recommendations regarding SEND assessments, support, diagnosis and funding. Signposting SENDCo’s and staff to access resources and training available within our QSEN Academy College. 

We have a range of roles and opportunities including full-time, part-time, day-to-day cover, long-term, short-term, temporary contract or permanent. Candidates are sourced from various platforms and word of mouth within the SEND sector and our bespoke recruitment process ensures that we have assessed them as being an excellent fit.

QSEN Recruitment puts the child at the centre of the recruitment process, by following these 6 simple steps;

  1. Assessment of primary and  secondary needs taken from Sections within the EHCP.
  2. Recommendations sent to the school regarding needs vs candidate skills.
  3. QSEN Recruitment uses technology to match candidate skills with primary & secondary needs.
  4. A match is established.
  5. A free two-hour face-to-face meeting between the candidate and the school is arranged. This allows for the candidate and the child to meet for the first time to visually confirm that the match is the best fit.  

We recruit candidates who specialise in working with children with a range of special needs including SPLD, ASC, ESBD, ADHD, MLD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Medical Needs and Mental Health.

12-week‘ temp to perm packages’ are free from any perm fee. You can trial a candidate before offering employment. Many employees stay in their roles for 2, 3 years and longer.

QSEN goes beyond standard sourcing tools to connect you with interested, diverse talent. Rather than serving up the same list of candidates, again and again, we start with the child’s needs first and work forward from this starting point.


AN Advocate for Candidates

Are you skilled and experienced in teaching and supporting children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities?

We support all candidates through the recruitment process and help you settle into your new role once recruited.As experts in the field of education, we place safer recruitment at the forefront of everything.

QSEN, in partnership with Llama.id offer an automated, compliant and safer recruitment platform that is directly linked to the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS).

All of our checks and compliances are completed in real-time, and daily emails are automatically generated to chase outstanding information. 

It’s easy to log in to create an account, just follow three-simply steps;

  1. Click on the link and create a new username and password.
  2. Upload all of the information requested in the portal.
  3. Once you have the green verification light, you’re good to GO!

Before receiving your Llama.id link, you’ll be contacted to arrange a face-to-face interview with one of our Education Experts. 

This is your time to shine! So don’t hold back. We want to know all about your experiences, including any interests & hobbies.

All skills are transferable. Working to support a child with Special Educational Needs often goes beyond the typical skills we learn on the job, and or, through training. Hene, we value soft skills like caring for a child with Autism, volunteering at your local community centre or having a special educational need yourself as just as important as qualifications. 

We aren’t saying that qualifications are not necessary. Instead, what we are saying is that QSEN Recruitment has its own SEND and Teaching Academy College whereby we are able to deliver over 400 accredited teaching and SEND qualifications to all of our candidates.

Just by registering with QSEN Recruitment today, you will be granted access to QSEN Academy College. Once you are in  the portal,  

Flow Back Office Solutions – Working in partnership by means of human resources, compliances and PAYE.


NCFE – Working together to deliver over 400 teaching and SEND courses.

Llama.id – Working together on compliances, cheks and safer recruitment.